How Decision Fatigue Affects Money Making – Stop getting tired of writing

Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue is something that affects all of us. When you’re focused on making money online decision fatigue can have a huge effect on your motivation. How does decision fatigue affect motivation? In this article we’ll go over the ways that decision fatigue affects your ability to make money online and how you can battle it.


What is Decision Fatigue?

Decision fatigue is a new term popping up in the media that basically states this: having to make too many decisions makes you sick of making decisions.

If you have to make decisions every day it’s going to break you down slowly. Deciding what to wear, deciding what’s for breakfast, deciding how to spend your time. All of these choices take some amount of brain power.When you have to continually make decisions your brain starts to get tired.

When you have to continually make decisions your brain starts to get tired. Just like any other muscle, your brain gets tired the more you use it. This applies to decision making as well. If you spend all day making tough decisions your brain is going to get tired, and when you have to make a decision later your tired brain is going to naturally choose the easiest solution because it’s tired of making the hard choices.

To put it simply, you’re tired. You’re tired of making all of these decisions.

When you spend 15 minutes worrying about what to wear you’re tiring your brain out for a full 15 minutes. In the grand scheme of things, are your clothes really worth 15 minutes of brain power? Maybe that brain power would be better served by¬†choosing how to respond to an email instead.


How Can You Fight Decision Fatigue?

If you want to fight decision fatigue there’s an easy way to give your brain a rest.

Stop making so many decisions.

It sounds easy, I know, and I’m sure you think it’s way harder than it sounds. To be honest with you, it’s not. All you have to do is make routines.

Have you ever noticed that the legendary Steve Jobs wore turtleneck shirts all the time? That’s a routine. That’s something that Steve probably spent less than a minute on every day because the decision was already made for him by his routine. Steve didn’t waste his brain power on his outfit, he saved it for the important decisions he’d have to make for his company.

You can apply this to your own life pretty easily as well.

Are you someone who spends a long time looking at your cabinets wondering what you should eat? Do you go back and forth between something nutritious or something fast, then end up settling on frozen pizza again instead of cooking something up? Stop torturing yourself. On Sunday night make a meal plan for yourself. Decide what meals you’ll make, how much you’ll make, and how much time you’ll need to make it. This is going to make your life so much easier. Now instead of spending 20 minutes deciding to eat cereal for dinner again, you’ll already know what you want, and you won’t be wasting any brain power in the process.

Creating routines like this and cutting down on your decision making is going to make your life easier. No more “should I get out of bed?” or “what should I do today”. It’s a waste of useful brain power. Instead start saying “I’ll get out of bed at 9 a.m. every morning” and “I need to work for 10 hours today”. These routines are going to make your life so much easier. The fewer decisions you have to make the better you’ll start to feel

So start planning! Make your life a little easier. There are so many things that can be streamlined to save yourself some brain power. For me, one of the big ones was setting apart specific working hours instead of deciding when it’s time to work. Find out what decisions are weighing you down and stop making them!



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