Pickle App Review – How to Make Money With Pickle

If you haven’t already heard of them, Pickle is a company who’s tagline is “Dream. Dare. Do”. Pickle has recently released a self-titled application that allows users to do exactly what they say – Dream, Dare, and Do. With this application, people can make money doing dares or fulfilling other user’s dreams.

Pickle started as a website designed to help those in a pickle. Get it? Because it’s the name? Ha… The idea was that if you find yourself in a pickle, like needing to pick up flowers for a forgotten anniversary, you could simply put a listing on the app asking someone else to do it.

What Pickle has become is slightly different. Pickle is now an app where people can ask each other to do virtually anything. From jobs┬áto pranks to public stunts. You can now pay people – and get paid by people – to do virtually anything (anything legal, of course).

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In this example from the app store Pickle shows off one of the many pranks you could pay someone to pull This particular person would get paid 50 Euros to dance as a member of ABBA and sing one of their hits at a pub to entertain the poster and all of their friends.

This is essentially the classifieds section of Craigslist, but without any of the good, just services.

The practical uses of Pickle beyond pranks are pretty extensive. You could easily use this app to have someone walk your pet, get groceries for you, water your plants while you’re away. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination.


Can You Make Money With Pickle?

Absolutely. If you’ve got a lot of free time and you’re willing to put the effort into completing these tasks you can rake in a pretty decent amount of cash. People list all sorts of tasks, so you can decide for yourself what’s worth completing and what isn’t.

One of the great things about Pickle is that you can negotiate as well. If you think you deserve to be paid more to complete a certain task you can simply get in touch with the person who listed the task and see if they’re willing to readjust.


How Do I Start?

Right now Pickle is only available on IOS, but it is coming to Android in the near future.

If you have an IOS device you can get Pickle in the app store and start using it right away! As long as you have a Paypal account it’s quick and easy to get started.


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