Make Over $1 A Day In Bitcoin Easily


The cost of Bitcoin is on the rise, and it’s a great time to start investing, but what if you don’t have the spare cash to buy Bitcoin with? Well, luckily there are some websites that will give them to you for free! There are tons of these websites, but today we’re going to be focussing on Bittoclick. If you want to learn about the many different ways to earn free bitcoin, check out our guide on how to make free bitcoin.

Bittoclick is a GPT site that pays you in Bitcoin. GPT stands for “Get Paid To” – meaning the website will pay you to complete certain tasks. Many of these websites use a point system of some sort as a cash equivalency. Bittoclick uses Bitcoin instead.

How Does Bittoclick Work?

Bittoclick is available for both advertisers and task completers alike. Advertisers pay to put ads on the website, and task completers get paid to view those ads by completing various tasks. It’s a pretty simple business model and doesn’t take too much work to understand.

How to Make Money With Bittoclick?

View Ads

Bittoclick has the usual collection of tasks that you can complete, like offer walls and surveys, as well as a generous PTC wall.

You can make some easy bitcoin by completing the simple surveys available to you through Bittoclick.

You can complete free or paid offers. Note that paid offers require you to enter your credit card information.

You can play games.

But what really sets Bittoclick apart is the video system it uses and the way that it pays you.

Watch Videos

Bittoclick’s video system works through, and is incredibly generous.

If you leave running while you sleep it will earn you about $0.60 a night – for doing absolutely nothing. You can run this video wall on up to three computers at once, meaning you can earn over $1.50 every night while you sleep!

It may not sound like a lot of money, but this is an incredible payout rate for doing almost no work. It’s a higher earning rate than you would have if you were mining, and this has zero startup cost! It’s also insanely generous compared to almost any other GPT video wall.


As of June 20th, 2017 the video function for has been disabled due to scamming and hacking. The administrators have stated that the video function will return someday, but the exact date is unknown. The option to view paid to click ads is still available.

Is Bittoclick Worth it?

Bittoclick is definitely worth it if you’re looking for an easy way to make some Bitcoin. Between the video wall, and the many other ways to earn, you can make enough to cash out a couple dollars every single day. And what’s even better is that since the price of Bitcoin is going up if you cash out $5 and let it sit in your Bitcoin wallet it may be $10 in a little while! We would definitely recommend you give Bittoclick a try.

2 thoughts on “Make Over $1 A Day In Bitcoin Easily

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I joined BitToClick a while back.

    Unlike what this review suggests, I don’t find any BitCoin earning opportunity other than viewing ads.

    I mean I don’t see any sort of opportunity what you’ve mentioned in the review.

    Does the location of the member affect what opportunity he/she has to earn on BitToclick? Or have they removed them altogether?

    Thank you,

    1. Hey there Saad,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I just checked it out and saw that I had received a message from the administrators. They had to remove the video function temporarily due to problems with scammers. The BitToClick team has stated that they suffered some losses but will be alright in the long run.
      I’ll edit the article accordingly.

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