How to Make Money With Slidejoy


Slidejoy is an app you can install on Android and IOS in order to earn passive income using your phone. When you install Slidejoy it allows you to make money using your phone! Slidejoy is easy to use, and after only a week of using it you’ll start to forget you even have it installed, which makes it an effortless way to make money.

To get started you’ll want to download Slidejoy HERE. Go through the install instructions, get your account set up, verify it, and that’s all you need to do to get started!

Once your account is up and running you’ll start earning Carats. Carats are Slidejoy’s version of currency, and 1,000 Carats equal roughly $1. Earning Carats is easy, but you can follow this guide if you want to learn how to make more Carats with Slidejoy:

Act Natural

Using your phone normally is one of the best way to start racking up Carats. If you use your phone like you normally would you will start to see your Carats adding up. If you continually lock and unlock your phone without doing anything Slidejoy will detect that you’re trying to cheat it, and you’ll stop earning Carats for those unlocks.

Swipe on the Ads

If you bypass the advertisements by double pressing your home button or pressing on something from your notifications you won’t earn any Carats. Make sure you’re actually swiping on the advertisements, either left or right, in order to earn Carats for looking at them. Slidejoy won’t just pay you for looking at ads, you have to actually swipe them.

Sign up with Facebook

Signing up for Slidejoy through facebook allows them to show you more relevant targetted ads, which means they’ll give you more Carats for using the app. Slidejoy won’t post anything under your name without asking yourself, so there isn’t much risk involved.

Refer Friends To Slidejoy

Slidejoy has a very lucrative referral program. The more friends you refer to Slidejoy, the more you’ll earn. Slidejoy will pay out a bonus for each referral you send their way, and they’ll also enter you into the running to win a lump sum of cash (Some people have won $330!). Now that’s a referral bonus!

If you want to get more Slidejoy referrals you can try scattering your link around the web and asking people to use it when signing up. You get more Slidejoy points for every person you refer, so it doesn’t hurt to spread that link around!

Is There a Working Slidejoy Cheat?

Right now there aren’t any Slidejoy cheats that work. The app works really well and there are no feasible ways to hack it. Slidejoy is able to detect when you’re unlocking your phone more than usual, and the none of its features leave it vulnerable to take advantage of.

Those are the best ways to maximize your earnings with Slidejoy. If you follow these steps you should be able to earn a minimum of $10 a month through Slidejoy, that’s what I average. Good luck!

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