Make Money Anywhere As A Native French Speaker

Defined Crowd

If you’re a native French speaker you may be able to earn some extra cash online. You can make $15 per hour by reading and writing in French.

How does it work?

All you need to do is sign up and take their screener test! Here it is:

In order to qualify you will have to write 5 phrases about different scenarios. The instructions are in English, but you must write the phrases in French. If you’re able to complete the tasks to their qualifications then you will be able to make $15 per job through this service.

Here’s an example of the qualification test:

Scenario: “Pretend you have an App on your phone, how would you ask it to find the nearest bakery?”

Your answer:

  1. où se trouve la boulangerie la plus proche
  2. trouve la boulangerie la plus proche dans les environs
  3. où est-ce que je peux acheter des croissants pas trop loin d’ici
  4. donne moi l’itinéraire jusqu’à une boulangerie accessible à pied
  5. montre moi la boulangerie la plus proche


If you do register please make sure you enter in the referral box! We appreciate it! Have fun making money!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Native French speakers!

How much will I be paid?
$0.10 per phrase.

How will I be paid?
We send all payments via PayPal.

Can I share a PayPal account with a family member or friend?
Yes, you can share PayPal accounts! We understand it is easier for many people to share instead of making a new PayPal.

When will I be paid?
Within 15 days of everyone finishing the job. Want to get paid faster and earn more money? Spread the word and help us find more people!

What do I have to do for this job?
Write different phrases about a specific scenario in French.

How do I earn money for referrals?
Send this email to your friends or family. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or anything else you want.

Have your referrals enter the email you used to register on DefinedCrowd’s website in the referral box when they create an account. They only have one chance to enter your email in the referral box – make sure they type it correctly!

How much will I make per referral?
For each referral that completes at least one session, you will be paid $5 USD. The number of tasks per session may vary by job. We will also pay you a bonus of $40 USD for every 20 referrals!

What will you do with these phrases?
The phrases will be used to improve products based on Artificial Intelligence technologies, customized for French speakers!

Why does it say “No more tasks available” when I go to the job?
Because there are a limited number of spots available and they are all taken. Sorry!

Why is the job not visible when I go to Browse Jobs?
It was removed from our website because there are no more spots available.

I missed out on this project, what can I do?
We will email you when we have new opportunities available.
Update your profile with all languages you speak, so we can notify you of other jobs!


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