How To Run A Phone Farm – Make An Earnhoney Farm

Phone Farm

If you’ve been into earning beer money for a decent amount of time odds are good you’ve heard of phone farming. This isn’t a literal farm, but it’s similar in the sense that all you have to do is “water your crops” every day. Phone Farming is a passive method of earning income that allows you to make money by only checking on your phones once in a while.

What is a Phone Farm?

A phone farm is essentially a collection of cheap phones that are able to run money-making apps. These apps usually play videos nonstop on your phone screen while running ads in between each video. For each ad you watch, you receive a small reward.

Watching videos all day to make money isn’t practical if you’re trying to use your personal phone, but when you have a few dedicated phones running these apps on their own it becomes very profitable. One phone alone will probably make around $1 a day, which is pretty good for having to do almost nothing, but tons of people have old phones lying around and it shouldn’t be that hard to get enough to start making $10 a day or more.

Where Do I Get All Of These Phones?

You’ve got a couple options. You can buy a phone, or you can find some old phones.

Finding old phones is obviously the most cost-effective method. What do you do with your old phones when you buy a new one? If they’re just lying around collecting dust now you’ve got a pretty good idea of how to repurpose them.

I was able to round up a couple of retired phones to get my own farm started. I had an old Moto X, LG Chocolate, and Samsung Galaxy just lying around collecting dust. You can even ask friends and family if they have any old phones you could put to use.

Buying Phones is a little more costly, but it also allows you to make some HUGE returns. Different phones yield different profits, so having the option to pick out what phones you’re using allows you to find the phone that will bring you the highest return. There’s currently a lot of research being done on what phones work best, so you can expect a buying guide from us in the near future.

I would personally recommend that if you can, you buy your phones. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but here’s why: When you buy your phones you’re able to gauge how much they’ll be making based on other people’s findings. Some phones are as cheap as $10 and still make around $1 a day. So if you buy 10 phones at $10 a piece and they each make $1 a day, in less than 2 weeks you’ll start making a profit. From there on out you would be making an average of $70 a week… For doing nothing.

What App(s) Should I Run On A Phone Farm?


Swagbucks is one of the most common money-making sites on the web, so it makes sense that people would immediately gravitate toward Swagbucks.

While their video option is decent enough, it requires a lot of attention. Swagbucks videos have pop-up ads that require you to exit out of them, and while some of these ads do close automatically there are also ads that won’t. This means that a Swagbucks farm requires more attention, so you have to be willing to babysit your farm a lot more if you want it to run efficiently.

On top of all of this, the earnings from Swagbucks aren’t comparable to what you’ll make on the other apps in the same amount of time. Swagbucks pays you 2 Swagbucks for every 5 videos you watch. Many of these videos are two and a half minutes, which means it takes about 10 minutes to earn $0.02. Many of the other apps have higher earning rates than this and require less attention.

To take that even further, Swagbucks will not credit the other phones attached to your phone farm. Swagbucks only allows you to run the video application one phone at a time, and trying to use multiple phones will make you no extra money.


Earnhoney requires very minimal babysitting. Although the app has been known to freeze up on occasion it’s not anything that would require extensive babysitting. It’s just a matter of restarting the app on one of your phones if there’s ever a need, which would only happen about once a day – if ever.

Earnhoney does have a large collection of videos that you can let play, so you don’t have to worry about there being a shortage.

Earnhoney has also stated that they have no limits on the number of devices you can run videos on at once. They have said, however, that they have a rough limit of about $1 per day, per device, per IP address. So you can have 100 phones running Earnhoney as long as they’re making about $1 per day, each. If you find that your phone is making much more than this you should consider limiting how much it runs or switching apps midday, otherwise you risk your account getting banned.


Rewardable is unique because not many other apps give you the option of watching GIFs to make money. Rewardable allows you to make money by watching GIFs, videos, and short video clips. These things play for a short period of time, and then an ad runs, and you earn Acorns for watching ads.

Rewardable allows you to run videos on up to 7 devices. This allows you to make a pretty decent amount of money. $5-10 a day is pretty average if you’re running the maximum 7 devices, which is a lot of money for doing nothing.

The only issue with Rewardable is that they’re not completely reliable in what they do with your points. Many Rewardable users have reported that their points are randomly disappearing. Others have reported that once their account reached $10 worth in points (enough to cash out with Paypal) it was locked. While I haven’t experienced this myself, there are a lot of people reporting that it’s happened to them, far too many to ignore. Rewardable does have a large payout, so if you think it’s worth the risk go for it, but if you’re afraid of losing your points you should probably play it safe.

Perk TV

Perk TV is another very popular option for phone farms. Many users find that Perk TV is easy to use and has a huge selection of videos that you can watch and earn from. Perk has basic auto-play features and doesn’t require any extra clicks on ads, making it easy to farm with.

Perk has a pretty decent payout, and the videos they offer are actually pretty fun to watch.

People also really enjoy Perk for Perk Quiz. Similar to watching videos, Perk Quiz allows you to make money by leaving Perk Quiz running on your phones.

Perk used to allow you to run 5 phones at once, but now they offer no clarification on how many devices they allow. My recommendation would be to run 5 phones or less, and if you exceed what they’d like you to you’ll get a notification saying your rate has been exceeded.


What Is An Earnhoney Farm?

An Earnhoney Farm is essentially a phone farm that utilizes the Earnhoney app as its source of videos. Earnhoney farms are one of the most popular phone farm options due to its accessibility and ease of use.


How to Set Up an Earnhoney Farm

Personally, I use Earnhoney, so from here on out we’ll be discussing the logistics of setting up an Earnhoney farm.

Setting up an Earnhoney farm isn’t too hard. All it takes is an Earnhoney account and multiple devices to stream video across, like an old phone or laptop that you no longer use.

If you have an extra phone lying around you can get the Earnhoney app and stream video to it 24/7. You can do the same thing with a laptop or desktop that’s just taking up space.

With this setup, you could theoretically earn unlimited Honey Dollars every day. Unfortunately, like with all things, there are limitations.


What Are the Limitations?

Earnhoney will only allow you to earn about 100 HD per hour if you’re using one device. If you’re using one device and you exceed this rate your account will be locked and drained of its earnings.

Regarding phone farms, Earnhoney suggests you stick to a limit on $1 (or 100HD) per day, per device, per IP. This means you can have 20 devices running Earnhoney as long as you’re keeping a close eye on how much each one is making. Make sure you run all of your devices on one account and don’t exceed the earning limit.

Another option would be to set up multiple accounts, but I recommend you stay away from this because it’s another great way to get your accounts locked and be banned from Earnhoney. The people at Earnhney weren’t born yesterday, and if you’re trying to take advantage of multiple accounts they’ll catch on fast.


What’s the Earning Potential?

Taking everything I’ve said into account, the maximum Earnhoney will allow you to earn is 100 HD per day. This may not seem like a whole lot, but if you’ve got 10 dedicated devices running all day that’s $10 every day, which translates to roughly $70 dollars a week for doing pretty much nothing. That’s enough to feed one person for the week.

This isn’t a completely hands-off method, though. I’d recommend checking your Earnhoney Farm at least once a day, because glitches happen and sometimes a device will stop working or playing videos.

If you’re using this method to its full potential it’s easy to see the earnings rack up. I’ve got a pretty small Earnhoney Farm running and I’m still pulling over $50 a week from it. It’s easy to set up and maintain, so there’s really no reason not to do it.

What are you waiting for? Go get started!


Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think! I always read comments and like to hear what everyone has to say.