Is A Scam? is a website that allows you to make money for uploading images. The site claims that if you upload pictures you’ll be paid for the amount of views they get. It sounds like a great deal, but is it a scam?

What Is Supload?

As I’ve mentioned is a website that pays you for uploading images. You get to host your images on their site for free, and in return they’ll split the advertising revenue that your images earn them. They host your stuff, you get paid, it sounds like a perfect win-win.

Does Supload Work?

Supload works just like most other image hosting services. It’s essentially an imgur copy when you get down to things. The site works smoothly and can hold a reasonable file size. Functionally, the site is fine.

In terms of paying out, Supload may be flawed…

Is Supload A Scam?

Many Supload users have reported that their money has gone completely missing. People have been locked out of their accounts for no reason, and they’ve lost hard earned cash.

Our recommendation would be to stay away from Supload, as there’s a good chance you’ll completely lose all of the revenue you work hard to earn.

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