Is Successbux A Scam? – Successbux Review


Successbux is a PTC site that was established in 2012. PTC sites pay you for clicking on certain ads, watching videos, and doing a small variety of other tasks. PTC sites are notorious for giving you a very small amount of money for a large amount of work, but is Successbux any better? Read on to find out.

What is Successbux?

Successbux is a GPT site. Specifically, it’s a PTC site. PTC sites are a subclass of GPT sites that pay you specifically for clicking on things, thus Pay To Click.

Successbux’s most popular tasks are PTC ads, “paid to sign up” offers, and “paid to listen” radio. While these are the most common ways to make money with Successbux there are a variety of other ways if you’re interested in something different.

In its time Successbux has paid out an approximate $0.30 per user. While that’s not great, it’s not terrible either as far as GPT sites go. We’ll let you know if it’s a scam or if it’s worth it, but you’ll have to do a little more reading.


How To Use Successbux

How to confirm your Successbux Views

Make sure after completing a task on Successbux you cycle to the next ad by clicking the button that matches the currency symbol they’re displaying on the header.

Paid To Click

The paid to click ads are pretty easy to understand. You get about 20 ads a day that you can click for $0.0005-$0.001 each. There are ways to click on additional ads by going to other PTC offers if you want to get more than the usual alotted amount.

Paid To Sign Up

You can make money for completing an offer of some sort. This offer typically includes signing up for some other service or website.


There are a variety of free and paid offers. Free offers cost nothing to sign up for and typically require you to enter some personal information such as your email address or name. Any paid offers will require credit card information to be entered, either to purchase something or to sign up for a trial.

Paid to Listen

You can listen to the radio and fill out captcha while you listen in order to earn cash from Successbux. This is a pretty good method if you’ve got nothing better to do.


Successbux has a pretty crazy referral program. If you’re a free member your referrals will make you a small percentage of what they earn themselves, but if you’re a premium member you’ll get an even larger percentage of their earnings. I wouldn’t really recommend becoming a premium member because you can’t guarantee tat referrals will make any money at all.


Extra Successbux Tips And Tricks

If you’re in need of a low payout that might make Successbux worth it for you. Successbux offers payouts through both Paypal and Payza, and the minimum withdrawal is only $1.

Successbux refreshes with new ads every day, so if you don’t have any offers today make sure you come back tomorrow!

Successbux does pay out! There has been plenty of successbux payment proof submitted, so you know it works.


Is Successbux Worth It?

To put it simply – no.

Successbux isn’t a scam, but it definitely isn’t worth your time either.

Most PTC sites aren’t going to be worth your time. They require far too much work for far too small a reward. The time investment is high and the cash returns are low.

Even if you’re just trying to kill time, there’s a better way to do it. If you’re looking for a better way to spend your time making money on time I’d recommend looking at Swagbucks or Affiliate Marketing.