Is Scangifts a Scam?

Scangifts Review

Scangifts is a Beer Money site that the creator claims launched only 7 hours ago. Excited to dive into a brand new Beer Money site I couldn’t wait to see what Scangifts had to offer. I quickly signed up for the program and dove in.

The Dashboard

As soon as I had confirmed my email address I opened up the site and took to google to do a little research. The link from my email delivered me to a pretty standard home page, from which I clicked over to the Scangifts Dashboard. This looked like a pretty usual Beer Money site with pretty decent payout options, and the owner claimed that the site had a very favorable payout rate. Convinced that this was legit, I moved on.

The website has two ways to earn rewards. The first is an offer wall, and the second is to scan QR codes in order to see if you won prizes lottery style. The offer wall is pretty standard across most Beer Money sites, so I figured I’d know what to expect. I was wrong. The first offer wall provider I clicked on was called Tiger Wall. I had never heard of Tiger Wall, but I’ll give anything a try. I clicked on the Tiger Wall logo and I was presented with this promising page:

Looks pretty standard

This was not standard. The following links took me to one survey I didn’t qualify for, the Swagbucks link directed me to my Swagbucks homepage, and the other links took me to these pages:

Nice Delicious






That’s a little strange, maybe that’s the fault of Tiger Wall. I’ll give “Wind Wall” a try instead.

Literally Nothing

So the offer wall may not be Scangifts’ strong suit. That’s fine with me, I’m sure there’s a reason why they have “Scan” in their name. Hopeful, I clicked on the Scangifts Scan Wall link in the menu. The page presented me with a bunch of QR codes slowly falling down the screen Matrix style. I was The One. I could read the code.

You are Neo

My research brought me to quite a few pages on the Beermoney subreddit. Many of them had comments from the site creator himself. I love seeing user engagement from site creators, so I thought this was really promising. This is where I found a little insight on how to use the QR codes.

In the first paragraph

in which the website creator jdm4900 says that you can read the Matrix QR codes using Snapchat. Excited, I opened up my Snapchat app and tried scanning the screen, and then to my amazement, nothing happened. I kept scrolling through Reddit threads and found more comments from jdm4900 in which he explained that the win rates averaged around 20/1 on the QR scans. Almost every top comment from users other than jdm4900 came from users claiming that they had scanned up to 100 QR codes and hadn’t won a single offer. There were about 10 of these comments and they were all very close to the top in their respective threads. Feeling disparaged, I decided it was time to deep Scangifts a Skunked Keg.

So Is Scangifts any good?

Nope. I wouldn’t recommend you spend any time on this website right now. Nothing on this website seemed like it would give you a worthwhile payout for your time. Many of the features on this website are either shady or broken. I’ve never heard of any of their offer wall providers, and things the creator “believes will work” don’t. I’d stay away from this website altogether. If the website sees some improvement in the future then I’ll happily update this review, but until then I’m not even going to put up a referral link.

Is it a Scam?

I wouldn’t be so quick to accuse Scangifts of being a scam. After reading many of the creator’s online interactions it seems like he has the best intentions in mind. Unfortunately, the website is just broken. I hope the developer continues to work on this and hopefully fix it, because it seems like a genuinely interesting idea.

Rating – 2/10

The QR code idea is good, it just needs to work, and there has to be proof that you can actually win. Everything else on this site is very broken and needs some TLC. This site is a skunked keg for sure.

6 thoughts on “Is Scangifts a Scam?

  1. Great Review about Scangifts, I always hated scammers, although I’m not sure of you are calling it a scam or just a poorly designed website, luckily i never got to the point where I actually got scammed, got close though but changed my mind last minute, is there anything else you could recommend that can make an extra income at home?

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for the great comment! I couldn’t agree with you more, I hate scams and scammers, which is why I made this website. I believe this website has good intentions, but just can’t execute on them at all. I’ll be sure to make that clearer in the article, thanks. I’m glad you’ve been able to escape scams in your own experience!

      If you’re looking for easy ways to make some extra income at home I’d recommend checking out the “best methods” tab. If you start want to put in a little more work and start making serious income at home I’d recommend looking at the “start making serious money” tab. Thanks for reading!

  2. Always nice to see people out there sharing their personal experience and keeping people away from sites that are either scams or just a complete waste of time. ScanGifts sounds more like the latter, but for people who trying to make some extra money legitimately, no one is interested in investing any time in something that doesn’t work.

    I had never heard of ScanGifts, but thankfully if anyone ever asks me about them, I can suggest that they not waste their time.

    Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks for the reply! I’d definitely agree with your opinions on ScanGifts, I think they’re a total waste of time. I think it’s best to avoid anyone who’s out to waste your time, so I try to help others do the same!

      I’m glad I could help spread some awareness, thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks for taking your time and reviewing the site! Anything is appreciated 🙂

    As always newly launched sites will of course have it’s problems, I’ve been working on fixing these since the launch.

    So far, all offer walls should now work and still pay higher rates than any other site. Still working on fixing the Scanwall to give everyone a equal chance of winning something.
    I thought re-naming the offer walls would seem more user friendly but just caused more confusion, In the process of changing them back.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks for the response! I can’t say I expected to hear from the owner of the site, it’s a pleasure to get in touch with you.
      I’d like to start by saying I love the idea behind your site. Earning by scanning QR codes is a concept I haven’t seen before, and I’m excited to see the final product when it starts working.
      I’ve revisited your site in order to see some of the fixes you mentioned. To be totally honest with you, I was disappointed. The offer walls are working, yes, but your claim about them being higher paying than other sites is simply false. The highest offer I could find was paying out roughly $8, and that’s a paid offer, so really you’re spending money in order to make about $3. If someone asked me for the highest paying offers I would steer them toward Swagbucks or InstaGC before even thinking of Scangifts.
      Also, the scanwall is gone, which was the most enticing part of your website. If you bring back the scanwall and get it to work I think you’ve got something seriously great. It’s unique, it’s new, and it’s easy to do. The scanwall will be the source of your success, and if you can get it to work I will spread word of your site like wildfire, because that would be something truly innovative. If the scanwall worked it would make the entire site worth using regardless of the offer wall.
      You’re trying to create something great, and it shows. You’re so close. Don’t give up, your idea is awesome and I think if you stick with it you will see some serious success.
      Best of luck in your endeavours, thanks for reaching out. Stay in touch and I’ll be sure to change my review as your site grows. I look forward to seeing your success.
      Thanks again,

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