Is Phone Farming Worth It In 2017?

Phone Farm

Phone farming is a method of earning passive income that has become more popular over the past year. Phone farming utilizes paid-to-watch apps over multiple phones in order to multiply the amount of money you can earn from just one app. In the hay-day of phone farming, farmers were able to earn thousands of dollars every month. Back then it was, without a doubt, totally worth it. As time has gone on advertisers have caught on and begun to pay less and less. Although it’s not as profitable as it once was, phone farming can still make you some decent cash. This raises the question: “Is phone farming still worth it in 2017?”.

Is Phone Farming Still Profitable

To put it simply, without all of the boring math stuff, yes. If you set up a phone farm and run it diligently for about a month, you should have no issue turning a profit. Keep in mind this is from a completely profit-based perspective, and we’ll talk about time investment a little later.

To elaborate:

If you can get your phones for free then you are undoubtedly going to turn a profit – simply because you have no startup cost. The cost to your electric bill is pretty negligible, and unless your Internet Service Provider has a data cap you probably won’t have any issues with your wi-fi.

If you need to acquire your phones then there are cheap ways to do it (we plan on releasing a detailed guide in the future). Craigslist, Ebay, and friends/family are going to be your biggest resources here. If you look on Ebay you can buy whole bins of old phones for little-to-no cost. We also know that everyone has an old junk drawer full of phones. If you don’t, someone you know does, just ask around.

Depending on what app you use, if you do the proper research you should be able to find one that will make you about a dollar a day on each device. This is going to vary based on device, data network, geographic location, and even your own user demographic. If you’d like to find out where to start, we have a basic guide to finding the right device and app to get started with phone farming.

In Conclusion… With all of this in mind, let’s say you have a maximum startup cost of $100 to buy 10 phones brand new. You find apps for these phones which will allow you to make 1 dollar per phone per day. At that rate, you’re making about $10 a day. This means that after only 10 days you’ve made your $100 back, and now the rest is gravy. At that rate, you’ll be turning a profit on your investment in less than two weeks.


The Time Investment of Phone Farming

When building a phone farm there’s something arguably even more important than the financial investment – the time investment. When you’re running a phone farm the apps you use play a huge role in how much money you’ll make and how much time you’ll need to make it.

Most of the high-paying apps require you to click on something like an “I’m still watching” button every hour or so. This means that if you want to use the highest paying apps and make the most money per day, you’ll need to make a reasonable time investment in your farm – checking it every hour or two depending on what apps you’re using.

If you want to check on your farm only once a day, you’ll need to find the app that works for you. For example, PerkTV probably won’t be your cup of tea, because it requires almost hourly maintenance. Even the apps that require literally no maintenance will crash from time to time, so you’ll probably have to check them once a day at the very least.

A Person-to-Person Basis

This is where the “worth it” of phone farms begins to come into question. Personally, I run about ten devices and pull a little under ten dollars a day. I check on my farm two or three times a day, and that adds up to about 30 minutes a day in maintenance. To me, that’s worth it. Ten dollars a day isn’t a ton, but ten dollars a day for only 30 minutes of work is more than minimum wage!

If you’re someone who works from home you could be checking on your phones even more than I do, which would allow you to make even more money, and thus it would be even more worth it for you.

If you’re someone who could only check on their farm once a day you may only make around $5 a day with ten devices. From there you would have to decide whether or not you’re okay with it taking four weeks to turn a profit instead of two. Or maybe your answer is to double up on devices in order to compensate.

Is Phone Farming Worth It?

As you can tell from this guide the answer really is “maybe”. It’s highly situational and it really depends on who you are.

If you’re working from home and you have a junk drawer full of phones then holy crap why aren’t you setting up a phone farm right freaking now?

If you work two full-time jobs, and you’d have to go looking for a bunch of phones, and you won’t want to check on them every day, then it might just not be worth your time.

If you don’t have the extra time but you’re okay with only making that $3 a day instead of $10 because you just want a little coffee money every day then maybe this is perfect for you.

It really is a whole lot of “if”s.

My main goal with this guide was to help you figure out what “if” category you fall into. Hopefully you can use this guide to get a rough idea of how much time and money is needed to make a certain amount of money through phone farming – and from there you can decide if that kind of time investment is worth it for you based on how much you’ll be making and how long it will take to turn a profit.

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