Is Trying to Make Money Online Worth My Time?


I’m sure you’re looking at the hundreds of different ways to make money online and you’re asking yourself, “is it worth my time to try making money online?”. That’s not a question I can answer for you, unfortunately, even though if you asked me I’d say yes. In order for you to answer that question for yourself, there are some questions you’ll have to ask. This article will go over some of those questions as well as the finer details on how to answer them.

What am I currently doing with my spare time?

Spare time is a precious resource that’s hard to come by in this day and age. It’s important to take a look at what you’re doing with your spare time to make sure you’re satisfied with it. When I first started really getting into making beer money it’s because I was on home-lockdown due to an illness, and I couldn’t stand how much free time I had that felt completely wasted, so I decided it was time to form some better habits.

If you’re spending 10+ hours a week watching television, which I know I do, that’s time you could spend earning money. You don’t even have to stop watching television, you can set up a passive income source like Earnhoney and then keep watching TV as much as you want! Or if you’re looking to change your lazy habits you could look into an active income source like user testing sites, Swagbucks, or various others.

Here’s the truth: Everyone wastes their spare time. It’s inevitable, no matter how hard you try you’ll end up with some wasted time somewhere, and that’s okay. What’s important is that if you’re unhappy with how much time you see yourself wasting, you make some changes, because it will make you happier to do something rather than do nothing.

What else could I do with that time?

Now that you’ve taken an honest look at how much spare time you have, how you use it, and if you’re happy with how you use it, it’s time to consider how else you could use it. There are a million different ways to answer this question, none of them are wrong, and all of them will pertain to the thing you want to do more of in life. Whether you want to learn an instrument, spend more time with your family, or start making some extra cash, they’re all things that will make you feel more productive and a lot happier.

Personally, my answer was to start using the resources I had more productively. I’ve always spent a lot of time on the internet, and I’m constantly looking for new sources of revenue, so making some beer money just made sense. I started doing my research, looking around, and in only five days I had already put $25 in my bank account with a lot of earnings saved up on various different beer money sites. In all honesty, this made me feel better about myself because I wasn’t just using my time on pointless activities, I was actually achieving something. I probably could have watched an entire Netflix series with the time it took me to make the beer money I made in those 5 days, but it wouldn’t have given me the same feeling of accomplishment.

“Hey that was a cool anecdote, but what is it supposed to mean to me? Aren’t you just talking about your own experiences that brought you here?” Yes, I am, but there’s a lesson I’m trying to get across here. When you’re considering new ways to spend your free time, focus on what’s going to be the most fulfilling. Anyone can binge-watch season 3 of Black Mirror, I speak from experience, but when that final episode ends what did you really DO? Was it a short-lived boost of dopamine, or a long-lived boost of confidence that’s going to keep a smile on your face for days to come? The bottom line is you will feel better if you’re accomplishing something rather than throwing away your time.

Is what I’m doing conducive to reaching my goals?

This question requires a bit more reflection to answer. Now let’s say you want to follow my lead and start earning some beer money. May I first say thank you, it’s a great idea, and I’d like to point you here to start out. But you have to ask yourself if that’s conducive to your life goals. If your goal is to make some money, congratulations, you’ve answered the question and found the right place! However, if you’ve got recently gotten a pet maybe your top priority is to get it trained, and so that should probably be the goal you’re devoting the most time to.

It’s all about prioritizing, and once you have those priorities set you can make sure you’re spending your free time in a way that’s going to help you achieve those goals. If you skip this step it’s very easy to find yourself back at step one, spending your time on things that hardly really matter to you and getting no fulfillment from them in the process. This self-reflection step is critical to making sure you’re spending your time on the right things.


Hey, congratulations, you’ve figured it out!

If you’ve gone over the questions I’ve listed above and done some serious thinking about them, you’ve probably come to a pretty good conclusion! You’re already in the right place to get started. too. The internet is a wealth of resources, and however you’ve decided you want to start using your spare time, the answers as to “how?” are only a quick search away. So what are you waiting for? Start researching! Can’t you see you’re wasting time right now?

6 thoughts on “Is Trying to Make Money Online Worth My Time?

  1. I make some money online and I’m always looking to make more. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time trying to make a good living online. Posts like this one both motivate and inspire me to keep going. Thanks for posting this. I needed to read this right now as I was feeling a little unmotivated.

    1. Hey Darren, glad I could help! That’s exactly what I was hoping to do with this article, stay motivated and good luck with everything you’re doing!

  2. I think that the answer to this question is “depends”
    It takes a lot of time to get any results at all, and getting flat-out “rich” may prove to be particularly difficult.
    So really, investing your spare time into the online world might be useless for you.
    Anyone could use the extra cash, but not everyone’s time is worth this much (or this little)

    Thanks for the read.
    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Hey Vlad, I’d have to agree with you, not everyone needs the extra money. Someone who’s already very well off probably doesn’t need to worry about making a little extra cash. However, if you wouldn’t mind earning an extra dollar here and there it’s really pretty easy to make money online.

      You’re right, starting an online business is tough work, and it’s not for everyone, but there are tons of other ways to make money online that really anyone can do. There are ways to make money online with only five minutes each day, so there aren’t many reasons not to take advantage of them.

      Thanks for reading,


  3. Hi, I find it very interesting that you can potentially earn money just from watching videos or just by doing surveys because that means that you can do that anytime you want because you can do it from your phone!
    Do they have incentives for the top earners or is it just the same rate?

    1. You can absolutely make money from your phone! If you’re interested in a passive earning method of making money with phones you could always check out phone farming.

      Many different websites have incentives for top earners. A great example would be Cashcrate. Check out some of the website reviews if you want to find others!

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