Is It Easy To Make Money Online?

Make Money Online

Making money isn’t easy. You need to get a job, or make something people want to buy, or do something people will pay you for.

But is making money on the internet any different?

There are tons of ways to make money online, so you can’t definitively say whether it’s “easy” or “hard”. It really depends on how you’re trying to make money, and what you consider to be easy.

When I first started making money online I thought that “easy” meant something I didn’t work hard at. Things like taking surveys or watching videos. I was basically the king of GPT sites. If you’re not already familiar, GPT sites are “Get Paid To” sites. These websites will pay you to complete various tasks, such as filling out surveys, watching videos, searching the internet, or even playing games. If you want to learn more about GPT sites we review them constantly in the Website Reviews section.

Making money on these sites is easy, and it’s free, but it’s only easy for the first hour. After a while filling out surveys goes from easy to mind numbing. You get sick of it fast. By the time I was on my fifth survey I was already miserable and was dreading the next one.

Watching videos is easy enough. I’ve actually kept using some GPT sites strictly for the purpose of setting up phone farms. Phone farms are setups where you have tons of phones running videos at once to make money. If you’re interested you can check out our guide here.

But The “Easy” Ways To Make Money Online Aren’t Easy

It took me a little while to learn this but the “easy” ways to make money online are just mind numbing and don’t actually make you any money compared to the torment they put you through.

So I moved on. In search of something better, I started doing research. And what I found lead me here.

What I found was affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but nothing truly worth doing ever is – and affiliate marketing is worth doing.

Affiliate marketing is essentially marketing to people online in order to sell a product and make money off of it. You choose a niche, like quadcopters, and you sell products in that niche by writing about them.

Okay, so I guess I lied, it is that easy to make money online.

If you don’t have a problem with writing a few articles you can start making money online.

Setting up a website used to be difficult, but web design has come so far that now almost anyone can do it. WordPress is free to use and incredibly intuitive. You’ll be able to get started writing about things that you like and selling products that you care about to people who care about what you have to say.

How Do I Start?

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing there’s no one I’d recommend more than Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate helps thousands of people get into affiliate marketing every day so that they can start making money.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a premium classroom that allows you to learn a limitless amount about affiliate marketing. With tons of lessons, you can go from a beginner to a pro in the world of affiliate marketing.

You can learn from people who have been doing it forever – including the two owners of the site. Wealthy Affiliate has a huge community of people who are always willing to jump in and help. On top of that, you can contact the two site owners directly. Kyle and Carson are always there to help you out and will get back to you right away.

I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate myself and like I said, I can’t recommend it enough. I’m now making money online and it’s not mind numbing – it’s enriching.

Check it out!

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