How To Make An Extra $10 A Week With Spare5

Spare5 is a service that allows you to make some extra money online doing for very little work. Spare5 isn’t like many other GPT sites, it’ll allow you to make around $10 a week for almost no work. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s way better than most other GPT sites.

Spare5 is very similar to many other GPT sites, but it’s also incredibly unique. Spare5 pays you to complete simple tasks – but here’s the thing, they’re insanely easy. The tasks that Spare5 gives to you take almost no time to complete. Many of the tasks allow you to earn $0.01 in about 10 seconds. You also won’t get turned away from any tasks, you’ll be accepted for every task and it’s only if you answer it dishonestly that you’ll be disqualified from getting paid.

This basically means that Spare5 isn’t mind-numbingly painful to use. Many GPT sites offer tasks that are easy, but they drag on forever and can feel incredibly painful to complete. Many other GPT sites will also let you get almost all the way through a survey before they disqualify you, leaving you frustrated and unmotivated. But Spare5 isn’t like that. The tasks take about 5-20 seconds to complete and they can actually be fun. I got paid to rate how cute some puppies are – and who doesn’t want to look at puppies?!

Spare5 can also be used in many countries outside of the United States. If you’re looking for GPT sites that you can use outside the US, Spare5 is going to be one of your best options.

How To Use Spare5

If you want to get started with Spare5 all you have to do is visit their home page and sign up.

Spare5 Home Page

Once you’re signed up you should see a screen that looks a lot like this. From here all you have to do is start completing tasks and you’ll be on your way to making an extra $10 a week!

There are a few different tasks that Spare5 will ask you to do. Many of the tasks have to do with pictures – either describing the pictures, categorizing the pictures, or even writing a caption for pictures. It may also ask you to identify specific aspects of some pictures, or categorize a video. There is a wide number of fun and simple to complete tasks that are easy to earn from!

How Do I Get Money From Spare5?

Spare5 uses Paypal to pay out, and they pay out every Wednesday as long as you have $5 or more in your account.

How Does Spare5’s Referral Program Work?

Spare5’s referral program is a little different from the other referral programs. Spare5 requires you to wait while they verify that you’re a legit Spare5 user. Once they’ve verified that you’re legit they’ll allow you to start referring people.

When you’re confirmed you’ll see your referral code in the top left part of your home page.

So head over to Spare5 and try it out! It takes no time to sign up, and it takes even less time to start making money.

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