How To Get Paid To Do Dares

Dare you to parachute

We’re all familiar with dares. Your friends challenge you to do something you wouldn’t normally do, but you’re no pansy, so of course you do it. Well, what if we didn’t have to do these dares for free? What if there was a way to get paid for doing dares? It turns out there are actually multiple ways to do exactly that! Here we’ll go over a few different ways that you can get paid to do dares.

We Dare You To

We Dare You To is a website who’s business model is almost exactly what we’re describing. The website provides you with a list of dares, you perform those dares and get them on video, and then if the videos are accepted you get paid! You can also submit new dares, but if you want to get paid you’ll have to be the one completing them.

The whole premise of the website is that they’re creating viral videos. These dares are purposefully zany, wild, and easy to share because they want the submitted videos to get tons of views. It’s actually not a bad deal, either. You get featured on their youtube channel and you make some money depending on how big the prize pool is for a certain dare. In return, they get to run a popular Youtube channel. It’s a pretty fair trade off.

Here’s how getting paid works: Users submit dares, and then donate money to the dares they want people to complete. The more popular dares usually end up being worth more money for this reason. Once you see a dare with a nice pool of money you can submit a video and if it’s accepted you’ll win the pool. It’s a quick and easy way to perform simple dares and make some quick cash for it.


Fiverr is a service that allows you to ask people to do almost anything for just a few bucks. People can post job offers or offer their own services, and then people can fill any of those offers or request any of those services.

There are plenty of people who post dares as job offers for others to complete. If you accept the task you’ll be put in contact with the person who created it and the rest is up to you and them. It’s a pretty easy service and if you sign up you’ll be able to make money through more than just dares. Getting involved with Fiverr is a great way to make some extra cash on the side, whether it’s by completing dares or doing something else.


Pickle is an app with the slogan “Dream. Dare. Do.” Sound catchy, right? It is…

Pickle is essentially the app version of Fiverr, and while it’s not exclusively for dares, that is what it’s gaining popularity for. Pickly allows you to get dares filled almost instantly by other people in your area who are using the app. It’s a pretty easy and fun app to use, and if you’d like to learn more about it I would recommend checking out our full review.

Double Dog

Double Dog is like Pickle, but specifically for dares. With their slogan being “Dare. Money. Fame.”

If you’ve heard of the upcoming film “NERVE”, this may be its real-life predecessor. People have profiles much like a social media platform, and you can dare specific people to do things for money. If they fulfill the dare, they get the money you offered. It’s as simple as that. You can dare someone specific to do something specific, or you can make an open offer and hope that someone bites.

When you first start using Double Dog you’ll be offering and completing dares for “bones”. These bones are basically just a fake currency for you to use in the app. If you want to make real money with Double Dog you’ll have to activate elite mode in your user settings.


Moolta is where this all began, but if you go looking for it now, you might not find it. Moolta hasn’t been actively operating since around 2013, from what we can find, but it is where this all began. Moolta was one of the first services to offer money for dares, and while you can’t use it anymore, we think it’s only right to pay some respect to the OG.

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