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Grindabuck is a GPT(Get Paid To) website that allows you to grind for some extra cash every day. With Grindabuck it’s easy to make some extra daily income. We’ve taken a good look at Grindabuck to inform you on the secrets behind it – what works, and what doesn’t?

What Makes It Different?

Grindabuck seems to really be on your side. With most GPT sites it’s pretty obvious that they’re making far more money off of you than you are off of them. With Grindabuck they treat it much more like your success is their success.

Grindabuck offers several in-depth guides and tutorials on how to use their site, as well as a blooming and active community. These people give away their points, they talk to each other, and they seem to genuinely get along. It’s a really unique atmosphere compared to most other GPT sites.

How Does It Work?

Grindabuck gives you points for every offer you complete. 100 points = 1 dollar. When you first sign up you’ll have the VIP level of “penny”, which means that you must have 1,000 points in order to cash out. As you complete more offers you’ll move up in the ranks, and you’ll require fewer points to cash out. It’s simple enough. You can choose to cash out through Paypal, Bitcoin, or even an Amazon Giftcard.


Ways To Make Money

Grindabuck offers several different ways to make some cash. Here we’ll go over the different ways they provide and our thoughts on each one of them.


Just like every other GPT site on the planet, Grindabuck allows you to make money by completing surveys. It’s quick, and it’s easy – just answer the questions it gives you and get paid for it.

The best survey advertisers on Grindabuck are Opinionetwork and SaySoForGood, because they have a direct link to Grindabuck. After that, the next best advertisers are Adscendmedia, OfferToro, and Peanut Labs.


Grindabuck has an option for videos as well. You can watch videos from OfferToro, Superrewards, and HyperMX. Most of these video services allow you to make cash through EngagemeTV. The video rewards don’t pay out all that much, but they take pretty much no effort to complete, and there are plenty of them.

Free Offers

You can complete free offers through plenty of the offer walls. These free offers are simple tasks that take very little time to complete, but pay out a pretty decent reward. You typically have to provide some information, such as your email address or some sort of survey information, but it’s not too difficult or invasive.

Paid Offers

Paid offers are ones which require you to use your credit card. These offers typically involve signing up for some sort of program, or buying something, and receiving points as a form of “cash back”. This isn’t a bad way to make points, but we would recommend you only do this if it’s something you already planned on buying because most of the time you’re losing out on some money.


Grindabuck has certain offers which allow you to make money by downloading programs. These are typically simple programs like .pdf viewers or word processors. We would recommend you only download and execute these programs in sandbox programs or OS emulators, which are a safer way to test untrusted software.


Grindabuck offers CrowdFlower as an option for completing micro-tasks. These tasks can be completed quickly and easily in order to make a quick couple of cents per task. This is actually a really efficient way to earn points if you’re willing to grind it out for an hour or two, and it’s not all that difficult either.

Really Micro-Tasks

Grindabuck also offers MinuteStaff as an offerwall. MinuteStaff is an incredibly unique offerwall with offers that take almost no time at all to complete. Seriously, like, no time at all. Some of the offers are literally instant. All you need to do is click something and boom, you’ve made a couple of cents. This is often overlooked because of how little each offer is worth, but they each take only seconds to complete so it’s easy to rack up points fast.


Like with most GPT sites, you get paid to refer new users. If you send Grindabuck a referral, you’ll earn 10% of the points they earn. If you’ve got connections to people who want to sign up, it’s a great way to make some passive income.

Trial Offers

Trial offers are essentially paid offers that you can cancel without a penalty. There are certain offers that you can sign up for, provide your credit information for, and then cancel before the trial period runs out. These are great ways to make some extra cash if you know you’ll be able to cancel the offer in time, and you’re comfortable with sharing your card information.

Email Submissions

Grindabuck has offer advertisers who will pay you just to provide your email. You may be added to an email list, but you can always unsubscribe, and it’s a super easy way to make some quick points.

Daily Check-ins

Daily check-ins are a super easy way to make free points. All you have to do is log into Grindabuck every day, and you’ll get points for every consecutive day. It’s effortless, fast, and easy free money.

Monthly Bonuses

Every month Grindabuck has a different bonus offer or sweepstake running that gives you the chance to make a ton of extra points. All you have to do is participate for the chance to earn!

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Is Grindabuck Legit?

Grindabuck is definitely legit. The site has an active community with tons of users who enjoy it. There are a massive amount of ways to make some extra cash with Grindabucks, and if you use it regularly it’s not that hard to make some significant spending money. Plenty of people have submitted proof of payment, and Grindabuck recently boasted that it has paid out over $140,000 in paid rewards!


Is Grindabuck Worth It?

Grindabuck is definitely worth your time as a “daily driver” GPT site. There are tons of ways to earn, the offers pay out high amounts, and it offers some of the easiest offerwalls on the web. Grindabuck may even take the spot as one of Beer Money’s favorite new GPT sites!

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