How to Earn More Honey Bucks – An Earnhoney Guide


What is Earnhoney?

Earnhoney is a lot like many other beer money sites that you can find out there. Signing up for Earnhoney allows you to earn HB, or Honey Bucks, by filling out surveys, watching videos, or playing games. The best part is that you don’t need to be actively playing the games or watching the videos in order for you to keep racking up Honey Bucks. This makes Earnhoney a great passive earner. So great that the creators of Earnhoney claim that their site will allow you to make 3x more than any similar sites such as Swagbucks.


Does it Work?

Is Earnhoney a scam? Absolutely not. Will Earnhoney make you rich? Absolutely not. Earnhoney is fairly popular and pretty straightforward, so it’s not hard to see that it’s a trustworthy site. If you’re having trouble finding any Earnhoney reviews we’ll have one up on the site really soon, so keep an eye out for that.


Great, now how do I start earning?

Here we’re going to cover the two big ways to start earning with Earnhoney: Passively and Actively. Passive earning means there’s no effort involved following the initial setup – a “set it and forget it” method. Active earning requires active participation, like filling out surveys.


Passive Methods


Video are one of the easiest ways to earn with Earnhoney. Simply click “Buzz TV” on the left-hand sidebar, and pick a Buzz TV offer to start watching your HB pile up! And the best part? You don’t even need to pay attention. As long as the window is open on your screen you’ll keep getting HB. You can even open up multiple windows. Just be careful – earning anything over 100 HB/hour can get you banned.

Earnhoney Viewability

If you’re having trouble with viewability on Earnhoney don’t worry, the video player has issues from time to time. In order for you to earn HD from Earnhoneytv the tab in which you’re watching needs to be active. This means it needs to be the frontmost window on your monitor or the window which you most recently clicked on.

If your Earnhoneytv window is active and completely visible but you’re still not earning you may need to refresh the page, and if that doesn’t work you’ll want to contact support.



Earning HB through games is very similar to Buzz TV. Find the “Play Games” in the same place you found “Buzz TV”. Right now the only game you can play is 2048, but that’s fine, even if you don’t like 2048. Exactly like with the videos, you can leave 2048 open in a window and as long as it’s playing ads on the side you’ll keep earning.



Active Methods


If you’ve tried InstaGC or Swagbucks you know about filling out surveys. Find the “Give Opinion” tab under “Earn”, and click on it to get taken to Earnhoney’s offers. Make sure you complete the badges on the right hand side of the page so you’ll qualify for even more surveys. You can even combine this with watching Buzz TV by filling out surveys AFTER watching 10 videos to increase your earning by 50%!


Another element of Earnhoney that is familiar to most Beer Money users is offers. You can fill out offers by companies like Peanut Labs or Offer Toro in order to earn HB. Simply click on the offer, follow the instructions, and claim your HB!

Daily Login

Earnhoney will give you 5 bonus HB if you sign on during a one-hour time frame that they specify on their daily giveaway page.

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    1. You cannot directly connect your bank account to EarnHoney for payouts. If you want to turn that HD into fiat money then you’re going to have to claim a payout through Paypal and then deposit the money into your account from there.

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