Drink/Beer Helmet – Red Drinking Helmet Review

Drinking Helmet

This drinking helmet is perfect for anyone seeking a hands-free drinking experience. Simply insert your drinks into the cup holders on the sides of the helmet, insert the straws, and start sipping!

The helmet comes with two cupholders and it’s manufactured by EZ Drinker. This hat is great for the beach, tailgating, a party, college, or even just hanging out. This beer helmet makes a fantastic gift, and it comes with a one year warranty so you can party hard without having to worry.

Drinking Helmet

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I personally really like this helmet. It looks exactly like the Smitty¬†Werbenjaegermanjensen hat from Spongebob, which is a huge bonus. It fits comfortably¬†on my head and it’s pretty easy to use. It also balances well without me having to worry about it falling off of my head.

The hat works as intended without any real issues. It’s pretty great, honestly. This drinking helmet would make a great gift for anyone, or a great purchase for anyone who wants to drink hands free!


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