How To Convert A Visa Gift Cart To Cash

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There are many Beer Money sites that pay out in Visa Gift Cards, which is the second best option if they don’t payout through Paypal. While this is pretty close to cash it’s not quite as good. Visa Gift Cards can’t be deposited into your back account or used at your local cash-only corner store. So if you need cash but all you have is a Visa Gift Card then look no further, because the answer is right here!

Important First Step

Most of the working methods for turning a Visa Gift Card into cash involve assigning a pin number to your gift card. This can be done online by visiting the website that’s on the back of the gift card and following the instructions on the website. This will allow you to use the gift card as though it was a debit card.


Resell Your Visa Gift Card On Craigslist Or eBay

Craigslist and eBay are some of the best ways to exchange your Visa Gift Cards for money. While they’re not as immediate as you may like, they do give you some of the best exchange rates. Most Craigslist deals can be done for the exact same value as the card, and most eBay deals will only result in a loss of about $5 or so.

Use Square To Sell Something To Yourself

Square is a service that allows you to use your phone or other devices to charge a debit or credit card for your business. This method has the benefit of moving the money straight to your bank account, which is nice.

This method may not work well for everyone. Square has caught on to this method and is banning many people from using the service if they suspect that you’re just trying to exchange your Visa Gift Card for money. Some ways to circumvent this are by getting in touch with customer support and convincing them that you’re a business owner, or by exchanging dollar amounts that look more like a price tag, such as $24.99.

This method has a lot of steps and could honestly use an entire article just to explain it. But this website isn’t all about exchanging gift cards, so instead of writing one I’ll link to the Wiki How.

Pay Yourself On Paypal

Paypal allows you to make payments using Visa Gift Cards. You can create a second account and pay yourself for a fee of about 3%. This is against Paypal’s ToS and your account can easily be banned for it, so I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is an option.

Buy Something And Return It

In my opinion, this is the easiest and best way to get cash for your Visa Gift Card.

All you have to do is buy something from any store that accepts returns and will give you cash back on debit returns. Make sure that you’ve assigned a pin number to your Visa Gift Card before you purchase your item so that it says debit on the receipt. It’s usually best to just get one item that’s close to your card’s balance so that you don’t have to return multiple items. Then all you have to do it return the item and make sure you specify that you’d like cash back for your return. (Pro Tip: Wait at least a couple hours to return your item, if they look at the time on the receipt and see that you bought it recently they may be suspicious).

This method works reliably and it’s completely within store policy. You’re spending real money at the store and returning an item because you don’t want it. You get to walk away with cash!


Can You Buy A Money Order With A Visa Gift Card?

People tend to get mixed results when trying to buy a money order with a Visa Gift Card.

Some online resources have stated that the US Post Office will allow you to purchase money orders using a Visa Gift Card, but this isn’t true. The US Post Office won’t let you buy a money order with a gift card because technically it’s not “real” money, it’s a promise that Visa will cover whatever expenses you rack up on the card.

Some other places still sell money orders, including many supermarkets and Walmarts. You’re welcomed to try these places but you’ll likely be turned away from many of them as well, although I have heard of people having more success with Walmart.

My personal advice would be to not waste your time trying this method, as most places are likely to turn you away. You’re going to have to go through some trial and error if you want to find a store that’s willing to exchange your Visa Gift Card for a money order.


There you have it! These are all of the best ways to get cash for your Visa Gift Card. I hope you found this article useful. Feel free to drop a comment down below and let me know what you thought or just say “hi!”.

10 thoughts on “How To Convert A Visa Gift Cart To Cash

  1. This was an interesting read, I had no idea that there were so many ways to convert a gift card to cash. I suppose that that could be really helpful for someone who just wants the cash to spend. It might also come in handy for gathering together more money on your birthday or at Christmas time.

      1. I have a 492 Visa gift card well knowledged in return policy I’m thinking of buying an item from Target with my card and returning it for cash but on the receipt won’t it say gift card ?

        1. Hey Chris, great question. If you run the visa gift card as credit then the receipt will say it’s a gift card, but if you assign a pin number to the card then it will come up as debit on the receipt. Some cards have default pin numbers and others need to be programed in, your own card should have details.
          If a store doesn’t allow you to run the gift card as debit then you can just say you’re all set and leave. I know Kohls has this policy.

  2. Is there a certain kind of gift cards that allows you to have a pin number when you register the gift card or it’s an optional thing that you can do if you wanted… ??
    I guess my question is, what kind or what type of Visa gift cards might those be and are they also reloadable or does it matter? Thank you for the tip about exchanging something that you bought because of one reason or another you don’t want it after all, or it’s not in your color, etc. or whatever the reason might be, I heard from someone that if you wanted to return something you purchased at Walmart with a gift card, that they would not give you cash back, but rather offer you a Walmart gift card? Has anybody come across a situation like this? Thank you so much and thanks for all your tips & input. -djMike 😎😜💨💨

    1. I’m glad you found the article helpful!
      This is specifically for the visa gift cards. The reloadable gift cards don’t work with this method, and many of them allow you to withdraw cash for a small fee.
      As for your Walmart question, I have no experience with Walmart. I would guess that this person either used a Walmart gift card or Walmart has a policy that I am unaware of.

  3. for buy something and return method, can you do this in places like macys, bestbuy?? or any suggestion for retailer?

    Thanks in advance.

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