Beer Guide – “The Beer Bible” Review

Beer Bible

The Beer Bible is a fantastic guide to beers and ales from around the world.

The Beer Bible is written in a stylistic fashion that makes for easy reading and will allow readers to read the book casually or cover to cover. The book is divided into four categories: ales, lagers, wheat beers, and sour and wild ales. You can explore each of these categories and discover the numerous beverages that you may want to seek out.

The book covers all kinds of beers, including sessions, bitters, IPAs, Weisses, lambics, and wits. Each chapter delves into the characteristics, tasting notes, ingredients, origins, and even a recommended list of beers from each category.

This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to learn about beer. Any beginning beer drinkers will want to read¬†this in order to expand their palate and learn more about the beer world. This book even has an “if you like X, try Y” section for people to explore.

This book is a fantastic read, and I’d recommend it for beer beginners and beer connoisseurs¬†alike!

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