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Hello everyone, my name’s Patrick and since I can remember I’ve been trying to find an easier way to make money.


I’ve always been interested in finding ways to make money that will allow me to keep lots of free time for the things that I love, like traveling, spending time with my family, and taking a little time to relax. This goal has driven me to try all sorts of methods, from the cheap to the expensive, and the holy grails to the wholly¬†scammed. I’ve lost money, I’ve made money, and I’m here to share my experiences with you so that you don’t need to make the same mistakes I have. Instead, you can focus on earning. I’ll go over the things that work for me and the things that don’t, and I’ll give my most unbiased opinion so that you know you’re using a resource you can trust.

Here at Beer Money, we’ll show you all the tips, tricks, and secrets to making money online so that you can have some extra spending cash for yourself!

I hope you enjoy the site, take a little time to check out what it has to offer, you’ve got nothing to lose! Feel free to ask me anything, just drop a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer!

If you have any questions you’d rather email me about you can always reach me at patrick@beer-money.org


Thanks, and enjoy!


Owner of Beer Money

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